Road Refresher Pet Travel Bowl

Let Your Dog Have A Drink In The Car Whenever He Needs It So You'll Never Have To Stop !!

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The Road Refresher™ Pet Travel Bowl is an entirely new concept is keeping your dog happy when you are out and about.

The Road Refresher™ can be filled with water and then safely left within a car so your pet can drink whenever he wants. The clever design means that though your pet has access to the water in the bowl, none should spill even when the car is in motion, cornering, braking and so on - no-spill bowl uses an ingenious floating "baffle" to keep water from spilling
Your Pet will love the freedom to be able to have a drink whenever he wants and you will love the freedom of not needing to stop !!!!

The Road Refresher™ Pet Travel Bowl has a Velcro® fastener under its base so that the bowl may be placed on a carpeted surface - such as in a foot-well or in the back of an estate car - and then will remain in position. The fastener firmly grips the carpet and so prevents the bowl sliding around.

The Road Refresher™ Pet Travel Bowl allows car owners to take their dogs on long drives without having to worry about whether their pet is becoming dehydrated as the dog can help himself to fresh water whenever he pleases. On hot sunny days, when on the move, your pet may remain happy and refreshed.

The Road Refresher™ Pet Travel Bowl is hygienic, safe and made from high quality polypropylene. It is easily taken apart for cleaning, and then clicks safely back together again, ready for re-use. The Road Refresher™ Pet Travel Bowl contains no mechanical parts of valves which sometimes go wrong and has been manufactured in colors to complement most vehicle interiors.

This Item can hold up to one quart and is 9 inches in diameter!!
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