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CHEESY Dog Chicken Chips 4 oz Bag - made with Natural Cheese Flavor


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Cheesy Dog Chicken Chips | Treats MADE in USA


Doggie Chicken Chips are made only from 100% USDA boneless white chicken breast. All visible fat is removed. Each breast is inspected and cleaned before being processed. No fillers, preservatives, additives or chemicals are used. Dog Chicken Chips have been USDA tested and approved.

The Dog Chicken Chips are cold formed and dehydrated at constant temperature of 155 to 160 degrees for 8 hours. By dehydrating the chicken rather than baking the chicken, the chips capture all of the nutrients for the benefit of the dogs. Heat from baking destroys the enzymes in chicken. The enzymes found in chicken helps the digestive system, makes stronger blood cells and indirectly helps the animal maintain good weight.

Storage: Because they have been dehydrated they will last a very long time. Treat them like a potato chip, when you open them up make sure you close the bag, if left open over night they will lose their crunch, (However, dogs don’t seem to mind that.) They will last for many, many months if you put them in a tightly sealed container.

  • Doggie Chicken Chips have been tested by a private lab that is certified by the Florida Dept of Agriculture
  • No refrigeration needed
  • 4 oz bag has 40 chips
  • Small dogs love them as well as cats, can be broken into smaller pieces
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  • 4oz is $13.99 ships 1st class mail

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