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About Us

Hello and welcome to Hunter K9 Gear!

We’re so happy youve taken the time to learn a little more about us and, more importantly, that youve found this collection of dog travel products that we are truly proud to be selling.  

Thats one of the main reasons we started this business; there simply arent a lot of places to find high-quality dog travel accessories, and even less that are run by actual dog lovers (and trust me, we love our dogs!). Sure, there are plenty of sites out there that have the adorable pictures, the cute logos (though ours is cuter!), and thousands upon thousands of products. But when it comes down to who knows which accessory your pup will love the most, a true dog owner will beat a team of analysts each and every time.

At Hunter K9 Gear, we sell dog products designed for dog lovers, by dog lovers.

A bit about who we are:

We started our business in 2003 with the goal of 1) offering truly exceptional dog products that come hand-picked from an actual dog owner and 2) to spend more time with my own pups, Max, Hunter, and Lexi, all come to the office daily.

Max is a little Jack Russell Terrier and has been with us since we opened up shop. Hunter came next and, even though hes a Springer Spaniel and is much bigger than Max, the two are best friends! Max tends to steal Hunters bones and play tough, but when theyre outside around the neighborhood dogs and hawks, Hunter will always be right there by his side protecting him!

Lexi is the third of our little puppy trio, and shes another Jack Russell Terrier. We all refer to her as the queen bee because when it comes down to it, Max and Hunter know whos REALLY running the show

What makes us different

Proud Dog OwnersAs I said before, we are a company of dog lovers! In addition to our three dogs that we love to spoil. We also use our proceeds to make yearly donations to local shelters. We know that a dog isnt just a pet, hes part of the family. This value gives us insight and experience that our competitors simply cant match!

 #1 in Customer ServiceOne thing you may notice about Hunter K9 Gear is that we are willing to go the extra mile to get you what youre after. We take great pride in providing an unrivaled customer experience, so much so that well help you find the right product to match your needs, even if we dont sell it! You wont get that dedication anywhere else.

 A bit of history

Since our first day in 2003, when we started out just selling travel items like car seats and carriers, weve expanded quite a bit! We now carry an enormous variety of products thatll make it even easier for you to spend time with your pooches.

One area in particular that we are proud to offer products in is doggy safety. Sadly, not a lot of people consider their dogs safety when it comes to travel. Thats why weve chosen to carry travel seat belts, bike helmets, life vests, and even first aid kits, all catered specifically to your pup.

So take a look around and feel free to email us any time at or call us at 1-866-994-4747. Youll love what you see, doggonit!