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Solvit Waterproof Sta-Put™ Bucket Seat Cover


Let your pet ride in style! For pets that like to ride in the front seat, the Waterproof Bucket Seat Cover is a great choice for protecting the seat from dirt, dander, and “spills” while the elasticized base provides a snug fit. 

Classic color scheme that blends equally well with both gray and tan interiors! 

The waterproof bucket pet seat cover is made from durable, heavy-gauge polyester with waterproof backing for years of use. 

Multiple elastic straps and a Sta-Put device keep the cover firmly in place in ALL VEHICLES. 

Waterproof bucket pet seat cover is constructed with a removable, padded layer in the base. 

Product Dims: 52 H x 22 W Weighs 1.5 lbs 

INSTALLATIONThe cover is held in place by means of seven elastic straps on the back: two which hold the headrest portion in place, three which hold the cover to the bucket seatback and two which hold the cover down on the bucket seat bottom. To install, first slide the “middle” three elastic straps over the top of the seat and pull the cover down so it is correctly positioned on the seat back. Slip the headrest portion of the cover, with the “top” two straps, over the seat headrest. Reposition these straps as needed to evenly distribute them. Next, locate the Sta-put™ device on the underside of the seat cover. This consists of a short piece of plastic tubing attached to the cover by a short strap. Push the tube into the crevice where the seat back meets the seat bottom cushion. The Sta-put can be removed with a strong tug, but will hold firmly enough to keep the cover in place under normal use. Finish installation by slipping the “bottom” two straps over the seat bottom to achieve the best fit. Cleaning: Promptly wipe up any foreign matter or standing liquid with a damp cloth or sponge. For machine washing: remove the inner bottom pad from the cover, wash the cover in cold water with a mild detergent. Line dry, CAUTION: Always make sure the vehicle seat is dry before installing the Seat Cover. Warranty: The Bucket Seat Cover is warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one (1) year from date of purchase. A copy of the original sales receipt is required for warranty issues.

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